has been awarded the
designation by the
International Association
for Child Safety.

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Our goal is to assist and educate parents in creating a safe home environment. A safe home environment will provide your child the opportunity to explore without constantly having to be told “no.” With a childproof home, you will have greater peace of mind and your child will have a happy and safe place to grow and learn.

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Benefits of working with Foresight Childproofing

Wed, Oct 15, 2014
The plastic toast, under pressure, can crack and break into small pieces creating sharp edges. [...]
Thu, Oct 02, 2014
The butterfly wing decorations on the Koala Baby girls' sandals can rip and detach. [...]
Tue, Sep 30, 2014
The boys hoodies have a drawstring around the neck area which poses a strangulation hazard to children. [...]